Researching Empty Ballots (Undervotes) in the 2016 Presidential Election

We started out concerned about strong shifts in the final results of the 2016 General Election, especially in the Swing States, with many flipping from Blue to Red during the final hour. Initial Exit Polls, conducted by Edison, showed Hillary Clinton in the lead in the important Swing States, like Pennsylvania and Florida. We watched in shock as Pennsylvania shifted from 4.40% in favor of Hillary Clinton in the Initial Exit Polls to 1.1% in favor of Donald Trump. This huge shift of 5.6% in the results alarmed us. Additionally, Florida shifted from 1.40% in favor of Hillary Clinton to 1.3% in favor of Donald Trump, representing a 2.60% shift. These were not the most dramatic shifts, but were the two states that ended up giving victory to Donald Trump in Electoral College Delegates.

Since then we have searched, even hunted, for an explanation to the phenomenon. We are seeking the reasons why there are 1.68% Empty Ballots (undervotes) for President from the 2016 General Election.

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