2017 Georgia Special Election CD06 Cumulative Votes Analysis

Here is my cumulative votes analysis of the Georgia Special Election on April 18 2017. As you can see, there is a very slight downward slope for Jon Ossoff’s cumulative votes percentage while there is a slight upward slope for those of Karen Handel, in the largest precincts of Fulton and DeKalb Counties. It is worth noting that the graph for Cobb County shows a slight downward slope for John Ossoff, starting in the smallest precincts and persisting until the very largest. while it shows an upward slope for Judson Hill. In all of the counties, the slopes of the other candidates appeared normally. In a cumulative votes analysis graph, the percentage (%) line of cumulative votes would level out after 30-50% of the votes are counted, due to the law of large numbers. However, as the viewer can see, that is not the case here. These graphs are not proof of causality, but could be taken into account with other factors surrounding the April 18 2017 special election in CD06 of Georgia.

2017 Special Election Georgia Cumulative Votes Analysis Counties

Prior to this special election, 4 electronic poll books were stolen from a precinct manager’s car in Cobb County, GA (Article Here). ¨The ExpressPoll voting machines are used by poll workers to check voters in and keep a list of who had already voted — but they are not used to cast actual ballots, officials said.¨

In addition, there was a rare memory card problem during the uploading of the votes (Press Release, Report 6th Congressional District GA Root Cause Analysis). Although this problem was corrected, It does reflect poorly on the GA CD6 Election process management and control. These two factors (stolen machines and memory card issues blocking recount) are enough to justify paper ballots for the runoff election in June 2017. Additionally, Kennesaw State University in Georgia is investigating a breach at its Center for Election Systems that may have compromised state voting records (Article Here). There were less that 2000 votes cast, per precinct, during the 18 April 2017 Special election. This is a very manageable number of paper ballots to recount manually.

For more information on signing the petition to demand paper ballots in GA06, please click HERE.


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