Michelle Michel

Michelle Michel has 25 years of financial investment, product & marketing experience. Prior to her former position as Managing Director of Agora Advisors, Ms. Michel was with UBS AG, one of the world’s leading financial firms, where she specialized in asset management & product management. Here she developed higher level statistical analysis training in financial and derivatives management. She developed investment expertise while managing over USD 4 billion in US, Canadian and international real estate equity funds. Ms. Michel also managed teams of equity fund managers for UBS, in Zurich, with over USD 25 billion in assets under her supervision. Ms. Michel, also a product developer and product manager, was responsible for USD 10 billion in equity fund product management. She has worked on product launch/repositioning projects that were individually in excess of USD 1 billion in size. She has also launched complex fund products that have exceeded AuM CHF 1 billion within one year of launch.

Ms. Michel began her professional career in the USA, after receiving her A.B. in International Relations, Politics and Economics from Mount Holyoke.

Michelle is assisted and supported by a team of 20 volunteers who are gathering the extensive data needed to build a national database used to seek out and detect election fraud through ballot manipulation. This is a proprietary database. If you wish to have us run a report from this database, please contact us at:

Michelle Michel is supported by a team of 20 volunteers from various backgrounds, including: Marketing, Advertising, Data Collection, Data Management, Engineering and Political specialists. The team coordinates and collaborates with other voting rights organizations on a regular basis.